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All the Rules About Health Have Changed!

I have a degree in philosophy from Wheaton College in Chicago, Illinois, with a background in magazine marketing, until I became a colon hygienist 14 years ago. Since then, I have been offering safe and effective colon cleansing treatments, as well as colon care consultation, to those in the Nashville, TN community. This is a profession that I am passionate about, as I believe my services assist my clients in revolutionizing their health. My book on the topic, Inside Poop, was reviewed in The Nashville Scene and my practice has been featured in The Tennessean.

Until I became a colon hygienist, I ate fast food regularly and made use of traditional doctors when I felt ill. But after becoming educated in optimal colon care, my perspective on health and wellness completely changed. I then understood why so many Americans get it wrong when it comes to making healthy choices.

After seeing thousands of clients, it reinforced in my mind that most health-related symptoms were culturally, rather than medically oriented. The major lifestyle change to consider is not necessarily to make healthier food choices, but to eat healthy organic foods while cleansing "out the old." Through tissue cleansing via the colon, you may accelerate optimal health on a new level.

Recently I have been trained as a hypnotherapist, and I am now offering hypnotherapy services as a member with the National Guild of Hypnotists. It is my experience that through proper coaching, you can more rapidly overcome whatever may be holding you back.

Whatever your questions about hypnotherapy or colon detoxification, please contact me for a free 30 minute consultation — “Your Personal Health Revolution Begins Here!”