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Are you looking for experienced colonic therapy in the Nashville, Tennessee area? If so, look no further than Scott W. Webb. I have offered trusted and safe colonic therapy treatments for the past fourteen years that leave clients feeling renewed, better informed, and optimistic. And I have authored a respected book on the topic, Inside Poop, published in 2006 and reviewed in The Nashville Scene. I have also been featured in The Tennessean for my work in colon hydrotherapy.

Colonic therapy goes by many names, including colon cleansing, colonic irrigation, and colon hydro-therapy. Colon cleansing can be done by taking herbals teas or supplements orally. However, a more effective method of colon cleansing is colonic irrigation or colonic hydro-therapy.

Colonic hydro-therapy works much like an enema, as water is used to gently flush the large intestine. This cleansing is repeated for about 45 minutes until the releases come out clean. This works to remove back-up from the colon and is an immediate form of detoxification and relief.

There are many reasons to begin cleansing the colon. Internal cleansing is considered by many to be a valuable treatment to improve overall health and function of the internal systems.

If you suffer with chronic bloating, weight gain, lethargy, headaches, and irritability, you may have a sluggish colon. Colon hydrotherapy is a non-medical approach to wellness which supports a healthier lifestyle. Booking colonic therapy sessions is easy, so call today!